HEAD Over Hells For Al


Dear Editor,

  I loved the article,'The Ultimate Head Case'. Al Snow is a great athlete who definitely deserves more respect. He is among my favorite competitors. Al Snow is usually underestimated, but the article gave me a better look at him. Snow may be crazy, but the fans feed off it. Do you think Al Snow will go any further in his career than the European Championship anytime soon? Rachel D.--via E-mail

Dear Editor,

  I really enjoyed the article, "The Ultimate Head Case". I watch WWF programs all the time and thought Al Snow was a total nutcase, but I never thought he would become this popular. He went from nothing to being one of the most beloved Superstars in the Federation. I think it is really great to see someone like him in the Federation. I hope he makes it to the very top. He definitely deserves it.--- Jessica Nash--via E-mail

Dear Rachel and Jessica,

  It's true--Al Snow is a madman, but such a loveable one! He has been completely underrated in the World Wrestling Federation. But perhaps some of the blame lays with him. Al tends to get so carried away with his silly antics--whether it be spending too much time with Head or being 'European'--that many often miss out on his athletic superiority. Hopefully, Al will get his own head screwed on a little more tightly, and he will finally get the recognition he deserves.Perhaps Al will move beyond the European boundaries and go for the 'World'. He'd be a great representative, as crazy a place as it is!