Ask Shurdell Taylor

Ask Shurdell Taylor

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Shurdell resolved to get the straight scoop from another trainer in the state of Ohio, current WWF wrestler Leif Cassidy (better known in Lima, Ohio, as Al Snow). Wouldn't you know it?...

Kenny McGuire had no way of getting ahold of Al. Undaunted, Shurdell acquired Al's number by calling information. To Shurdell's relief, Al was happy to speak to him on two separate occasions, each conversation lasting about 30 minutes. During these conversations, Al informed Shurdell that none of his students even set foot in the ring for two months (Keep in mind, Shurdell had learned the"basics" in just two hours and had his first match after less than four months of training). Al went on to describe Kenny McGuire as a"no-talent piece of shit."

Shurdell and another student made the two-hour trip to Lima shortly thereafter in order to see Al Snow's operation firsthand. During their visit, Snow elaborated on the fact that Kenny was a liar, had neverbeen anywhere, and had never done anything.

Anxious to impress someone who obviously had a true knowledge of the wrestling business like Al Snow, Shurdell then asked if he could step into the ring and show the man what he was capable of doing. Shurdell quickly discovered that he didn't know the "basics"at all. He didn't know how to run the ropes correctly. He didn't know how to take the basic bumps. He didn't even know the correct way to get in or out of the ring. In short, it was one of the most embarrassing moments of the young man's life.