Bastaards Newsletter

Wal-Mart quits selling doll of wrestler carrying head

Atlanta A doll depicting a professional wrestler carrying a female mannequin's head was removed from Wal-Mart stores Tuesday after complaints it made light of violence against women. Complaints from Sabrena Parton, assistant professor of communications at Kennesaw State University near Atlanta, and from the manager of a Cartersville Wal-Mart prompted the decision to pull the toy, called Summer Slam '99 :Road Rage Al Snow. The toy is modeled after Snow who carries a mannequin's head into the ring.

What? That Don King doll offends those who have bad haircuts? Get rid of it! What's that? GI Joe is a symbol for the masculine oppression of females in the Armed Forces? It's gone! How about that Bozo the Clown doll? It offends people with big feet and red noses? In the trash with it!

Can we BE any more childish?