I would have to say a wrestler with a great gimmick. There are wrestlers out their with great talent but with lame gimmicks. Owen Hart for example. This guy has great in ring ability, but let's face it, gimmick wise he sucks. I thought the WWF was going somewhere with him when he kept attacking HBK. Then he was the Black Heart with the lame-ass music(i think music is a part of someone's gimmick, if their music sucks, they suck). Then he was the white-guy in the nation, and now he is going to be a depressed loser, who I think is going to join a group with Gangrel as the leader.

Now for someone with a great gimmick, but with not so good ring ability. Al Snow. Don't everybody get me wrong, he can perform some pretty impressive moves, but he just kind of seems a little rough around the edges. I love his gimmick. He used to be Leaf Cassisdy, and he sucked. This could of been one of the lamest gimmicks of all time. But now, he is the same wrestler, but with a great gimmick, and he is awseome. People with great gimmicks are exciting to watch.

Wrestling is more than matches, its interviews. Watching Al Snow do an interview is much more exciting than watching anyone of the Harts doing an interview.