The Bottom Line

The Bottom Line-By Eric F. Yauger/Nov,8,1999

This probably could have gone in the Entertainment section since it's wrestling related, but I thought I'd put it in Misc since there was nothing else here .

Anyway, last week I saw one of the absolute stupidest stories I have ever seen in my life. For background information, Al Snow is a wrestler who used to carry a mannequin head around as his "manager." Well, the WWF put out action figures with Al Snow and "Head" for sale in stores around the country (But, it's Walmart that this story deals with). It seems that a Georgia college professor saw the action figure, and she interpreted it to be a "severed woman's head." She then went on to claim that it sent a message that would only lead to spousal abuse and battery against women later in life. You see, she didn't, as Vince McMahon likes to say, "get it." It's just a mannequin head for crying out loud! It's not a severed head, it's just a prop that Al Snow used to carry around.

It doesn't send any message other than that Snow's character was a little crazy to look to a mannequin head for advice. What makes this story even more pathetic is that because of ONE complaint, Walmart removed all the Snow figures from their stores. Did anyone actually check with the WWF to see that it wasn't a real head before they did this? The answer to that is an emphatic NO. This whole situation, to quote Bill O'Reilly, "is ridiculous."