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World Wrestling Federation Entertainment Releases Fact Sheet Regarding Al Snow Action Figure.

Issue: Nov 4, 1999

STAMFORD, Conn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 3, 1999--

A Misunderstanding "Snow" Balls

World Wrestling Federation Entertainment Inc. (NMS: WWFE) announced that the Al Snow action figure, produced under license with JAKKs, has been the subject of numerous news accounts based on a misunderstanding of the character. Al Snow is a zany, comic, fan-favorite who talks to a mannequin prop head as a part of his act. The action figure in question is portrayed with a toy version of this prop.

- Background Detail - The misunderstanding was created by a guest editorial in The Atlanta Journal and Constitution on Oct. 31 stating the prop was a dismembered woman's head.

This misperception and complaint in Cartersville, GA resulted inWal-Mart removing the action figure from its shelves. This timing happens to coincide with a new look for the Al Snow action figureshipping now that does not feature the prop. There were 225,000 of the original Al Snow action figures shipped in June 1999 and of those only roughly 10,000 remain on sale throughout North America.

Since the misunderstanding began, the Al Snow action figure has become a collectors' item, selling for approximately $20 on the online auction website E-bay and rapidly moving off the shelves in other retail outlets.

- Character Background -- The character Al Snow plays on WWF Raw(Mondays at 9:00PM on USA Networks) and SmackDown! (Thursday at 8:00PM on UPN) is a fictitious character in desperate need of a friend; he finds kinship in an inanimate object that happens to be a mannequin head. This is part of a longstanding tradition at WWF where performers utilize props as part of their on-stage persona. In addition to Al Snow, one of the most popular performers in WWF, Mick Foley, uses a hand puppet called "Mr.Sock-o." Currently, Foley is the New York Times best-selling author of "Have a Nice Day." The tag team of Crash Holly and Hardcore Holly carry a medical scale when they arrive at ringside to ensure opponents fit in the heavyweight category.

In the past,George "The Animal" Steele brought a beloved stuffed animal to the ring daring anyone to touch it.

"This is a classic case of shoot first, ask questions later," said Jim Byrne, Senior Vice President of Marketing of WWF, of the Al Snow action figure. "Anybody who watches our show knows this is a prop and nothing more."

- Where to ask questions? WWFE creates licensed merchandise that includes action figures based on established storylines with viewers.