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Wal-Mart correct in pulling WWF doll

Wal-Mart stores made the right decision by pulling a World Wide Wrestling Federation action figure depicting Al Snow.

Wal-Mart received complaints about the doll which included a woman's head with "Help me" scrawled backward across her face.

Jim Bryne, WWF vice president for marketing, said the doll merely follows Al Snow's act with the mannequin head.

"Al Snow's act with the mannequin head is as silly as it gets Ń loads of fun," he said. Making a joke out of violence toward women is not "loads of fun,"

it's sick.

Al Snow's act with a mannequin while wrestling is questionable enough, but wrestling is typically on at a time that is not targeted at very small children who can't separate fantasy from reality.

The label on the action figure says it is recommended for children ages 4 and up.

This is sick.

Children in America today have a hard enough time learning about appropriate behavior with the mixed messages from television, movies and other children.

There is no reason to confuse them any more by providing another negative reinforcement in the form of toys.

What can playing with an action figure that carries a woman's head reading "Help me" be teaching a 4-year-old about the brutalization of women?

Having a novelty item directed at adults with such accessories is one thing, but to specifically aim this at an age group that is still learning the difference between what real and make-believe is irresponsible.

Wal-Mart made the right decision.

WWF foul

•The Issue: Wal-Mart pulled wrestling figure off shelves.

•Our View: Snow doll is not appropriate for children, Wal-Mart made the right decision.

credit:Office of Student Media/Chrimson University