No use crying over a mannequin head

No use crying over a mannequin head

By Ken Dunkin

Once again the hyped-up, idiotic, nitpickers have struck again. This time, these so-called good people have attacked wrestler Al Snow's action figure.

In the past two weeks these people have gotten Wal-Mart to take the figures off of the shelf. The reason? He has a female mannequin head with the words "em pleh" ("help me" written backward) written across its forehead. The backward "help me" message apparently was enough for these parents to protest and get the figure yanked off of the shelf.

My question is why? They say that these figures will provoke kids to violence. Against whom? Mannequin heads?

Wal-Mart pulled the figures off the shelf. So I decided to walk around and see how the mannequin head looked against other toys in Wal-Mart. For a store that banned Al Snow, they don't have much ground to stand on. Right next to their wrestling toy section is the GI Joe section. Guns, hand grenades and fatigues are surely more threatening than a mannequin head.

Right across from where Al Snow's figure would have resided is the Star Wars area. Everyone loves Star Wars, and who can blame them? I'm sure the Darth Mahl character would really take it hard that a mannequin is looked at as more threatening than he is. He has a lightsaber that slices people in half. How threatening is that? I mean come-on, he killed a guy with one swipe. All Head has been used for is to hit a few guys in the head. What's really the lesser evil of the two?

All the hype hasn't made people look at the evil of Al Snow and Head. It actually made them more popular. The figure is almost impossible to find, and the WWF is now using the ordeal in a wrestling story-line. What was intended to hurt the wrestler and the federation has given them tons of publicity. When will these protesters learn that nitpicking doesn't pay off. More often than not, it just gives a situation that didn't need attention a ton of publicity.

The same situation happened a few years ago with a Dick Tracy figure. "Dick Tracy" the movie was bombing. It was about as lame as a Mister Rogers rave party. Yet protesters got riled up at a figure from the movie, a homeless thief equipped with knife and trashcan lid. The figure was quickly attacked as being stereotypical of homeless people. The guy was a character in a movie; Dick had to arrest someone.

The hype soon had the figures flying off of the shelves while good old Dick and the gang sat destined for the clearance rack.

I'm in no way against any of these toys. They don't harm anyone. It's a mannequin head--get over it people.