Al' last ECW Match

Al's Last ECW Match

Bam Bam Bigelow then took on Al Snow. You can tell that Snow is leaving because they did not give out heads at the show like they did in the past.

The crowd was into Al anyway, which kind of surprised me as I expected an immediate "You sold out chants" from the Arena faithful. Well, we did get it as soon as the music ended, but at least they waited a few minutes. ECW fans, you gotta love them.

When Snow was introduced, he was met with largely a positive greeting, except for the fans who chanted, "Fuck the head". Snow dominated the beginning as the crowd chanted for Bam Bam and yelled, "Head is dead". Big spot early saw Snow backdrop BBB into the first row.

Yeah, I would be happy to pay 35 bucks for that! Snow pasted Bigelow with a chair on the floor until Bigelow took it and worked over Snow with it. BBB slammed Al on a ringside table but missed an elbow drop and crashed through the wood. Snow pasted BBB with a STIFF chairshot and they went back in the ring.

BBB caught Al coming off the top and went for the Greetings, but Snow got out. Al went for the Snow Plow but fell under BBB's weight. Al missed a moonsault off the top and Chris Candido grabbed the Head.

Snow did a sliding dropkick (which missed by a mile) and BBB hit the Greetings for the finish.

Snow was stretchered out after the match. He took the mic and said he wanted to thank his fans, then said "Fuck you". They tried, but it fell apart at the end. It was better when BBB was on the offense.

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