Many Faces Of Al Snow

WWF Magazine September 1998

Tales From The Turnbuckle

The Many Faces Of Al Snow

What does a guy have to do to get a meeting with the boss? That's the question Al Snow and "the Head" were asking when they made thoer return to the World Wrestling Federation, as the former "Shinobi", "Avatar" and "leif Cassidy" found a great deal of trouble getting an appointment with Mr. McMahon.

Apparently, Al and the Head had some grievances with the boss concerning Al's last stint in the Federation, but they were unable to reach their employer! In subsequent weeks on RAW IS WAR, Snow attempted to disquise himself in ordere to get past security. One week after his May 11 RAW IS WAR return to the Federation, Al and "the Head" appeared completely hidden under a blanket as Jerry Lawler's "body-guard".

Unfortunately, the King never made good on his promise to get Snow his meeting with the owner. Then, on the May 25 RAW from Chattanooga, Federation cameras spotted Al and the Head in the audience disquised as cowboys, and dressed as Japanese ringside photographers seven days later in Chicago.

On June 1 from Rockford, Illinios, they attempted the sophisticated approach by donning tuxedos. Still unsucessful the following week in San Antonio after assaulting Lawler, Snow dressed as an elderly cleaning lady. On nearly every occasion, the superstar was chased from the arena by security. The publications staff wonder if Al and "the Head" have ever tried simply calling Mr. McMahon's secretary!