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Discussion Fodder-Scala's Year in Review 1996

To me, an annoying part of being a wrestling fan is sitting back and watching wrestlers who you really like and who you know are REALLY good, but who are being totally wasted.

Discussion of underrated performers therefore becomes the only catharsis for this pain I feel. And the most pained I got during 1996 was watching Lief "Al Snow" Cassidy whither away in the WWF. This guy wowed the very tough ECW Arena crowd in an incredible pure wrestling match against Chris Benoit.

in early 1995. By mid 1995, his super interview skills and ring psychology made him a huge star in the very different Smokey Mountain territory. And in 1996, he finally got a shot with the WWF. First he was "Avatar," and then he was "Shinobi, the Ninja." And finally, he helped recreate the Rockers as dorks stuck in the 70's as "Lief Cassidy." Shoot me, but I don't think that gimmick should have been the death of Al Snow... but the New Rockers were jobbed so badly and so thoroughly that Lief Cassidy is now light years away from being a marketable persona.

There are signs of light at the end of the tunnel, as it looks like Cassidy may be getting to break free of Rocker partner, Marty Jannetty. But breaking free is only step one of a multi-step process that will have to take place to make Al Snow the superstar he deserves to be. The early signs are there that change is in the air... here's hoping that 1997 bears out those early signs and brings this man his due!

Rick Scala/Deja News 12/30/96