WWF.com Foley/Al

WWF.com Foley Interview/Al

Kevin Kelly interviewed Mick Foley on a nice black, leather couch. Mankind was wearing his referee shirt, wasn't wearing his Mankind mask, and he wasn't in character.

- Foley started to go on about how the wicked witch of the west (from Wizard of Oz), was the most innocent character of all. Then Al Snow came on and started arguing with Foley that he took his "material." Snow looked and sounded a little upset. Then Mick Foley went on a huge dissing spree on Al Snow, and kept on making fun of him of how he always steals his moves on RAW. Both men started to get into a pretty funny argument. Kevin Kelly and Mick Foley kept on making fun of Al Snow.

- Foley said that he really wanted to be wrestling in the main event at WrestleMania XV. Now, at least he will be part of the main event, one way or another. Kelly said that WWF.COM got 100,000 e-mails signatures, to get Foley as the special referee.

- Mick Foley said that he still has a huge poster at his house, as him with the WWF Heavyweight Title. Mankind said that when he was WWF Champion, he got to fly first-class all the time. Then, he kept on making fun of Al Snow once again, and said that Snow doesn't get to fly first-class.

- He said that last Monday night, his daughter came up to him, and said no more head-shots, or else he would "go in the corner." He said that his kids have grown up very fast, and have realized that the chair-shots, and all the other hardcore stuff, are damaging his body. Then, Foley started joking about the rubber-tipped barbwire (which WCW uses). He also can't believe that some people still think that the chairs and thumbtacks are fake.

- He thinks that the Hardcore Division is a big honor. Foley also thinks the WWF Hardcore Title is the second most important belt in wrestling today.

- Al Snow joined them again. Both of them started getting into some homosexual humor. Then Kevin Kelly propsed the idea to have a "Funniest Man in the Federation" contest, between Mick Foley and Al Snow. Foley agreed with it and even said that he wants Edge there with him. Al Snow kept on rejecting the idea, cause the fans will still vote for Mankind anyway cause of his big popularity. Kevin said that it will be put up on WWF.COM, and all the fans can vote. Finally, Al Snow agreed to it. As the interview was coming to an end, Foley still kept on making fun of Al Snow, how Snow copies all his wrestling moves.

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