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Give us HEAD (9/13)

With the departure of TAZ in December/January, ECW will have a few extra bucks to spend. Of course Heyman will want to bring in talent he can mold and shape into future superstars, but why not also bring in someone who has already proven he can cater to ECW fans?

Al Snow had a fantastic run in ECW before the WWF called him back, and I'll bet he can make another successful run. With a bit of tweaking, the Head gimmick could again get over. It's a simple concept really: turn Head heel. Bring back the "sick of this bullshit" Al Snow that got him over to begin with, but take it to the next level. Sure, Al is one of the worst promo guys in the business. But any true fan will tell you ECW isn't about promos. Paul Heyman knows how to play to his workers' strengths, and Al's are in the ring. In signing Al Snow, ECW would get a great worker who's already known by the masses. But possibly the greatest incentive to bring him into the company would be as a locker room leader. On a few ocassions, it has been reported that since veterans Tracey Smothers and Tommy Rich left the company, Paul Heyman has been interested in finding someone to help out in the back. Keep in mind ECW's talent roster consists of almost exclusively young guys with very little "big time" experience. With the obvious exception of Jack Victory, there's no one left to give the youth of ECW the advice and guidance they need. Will the WWF let Al go? Well, as a wise man once said, "He's so not-over, he's under." Al can't cut a promo to save his life, and that's the strength of the successful WWF superstars. If Heyman asked, I'd bet he could have Al Snow by year's end.

Would Al be interested? Al Snow is a smart man. He must realize he's been floundering in the WWF. But at this stage in his career, Al might be hesitant to work the ECW style (read: "actual wrestling").

Hopefully all parties involved will eventually come to the conclusion that now more than ever Al Snow belongs in ECW. Bring Head back home!