Four More Years

Four more years of Snow

by Phil Speer

Like many great athletes, Al Snow has signed one last contract that will keep him with one team -- or in this case, one company -- for the rest of his career. Snow, who will celebrate his 19th anniversary in the business on May 22, recently inked a new four-year deal with the World Wrestling Federation. After 23 years of competition, he says he'll be ready to step aside and move into other forms of entertainment.

"Hopefully in four years I will have found new challenges," Snow said. "I'll still maybe have some affiliation with the WWF, because the company is moving into other areas as far as forms of TV and entertainment and movies. I'd like to do that."

One opportunity that Snow looks forward to is the chance to work on the MTV/WWF reality series, "Tough Enough." He'll be one of the trainers (along with Tazz and Jacqueline) and he says it'll be a great opportunity for people to see him in a different light.

Snow says he was bit by the acting bug while filming "Head Cheese" vignettes -- those humorous segments that aired while he teamed with Steve Blackman. Since then, he's gone to a few auditions for acting roles. Snow hopes, by the time his contract expires, acting becomes his new career.

"I read for a couple of parts, and met with a couple of people," Snow said. "You just never know. You have to go out there and at least give it a shot. Something might happen. It'll take a while. I figure I'll get my foot in the door."