FWF E-Wrestling Match

Fan Wrestling Federation E-Wrestling Match

Be for warned that this is not real,it comes from an E-Federation on line,I liked how it was writen so I added it to the HEAD....enjoy

Al Snow vs.Super Pimp

Note: Winner will have total control of "HEAD"

Jim Ross: Did you just see what happend King, is CDC back, will Justin let him back in, whats the story, we dont know to be exact, lets go down to the ring.

(The ring announcer stands silently in the ring until the noise of the crowd dies down slightly. Suddenly, his voice his heard throughout the arena)

Ring Announcer: Welcome to FWF Heros and WARRIORS. Our first match is scheduled for one fall and is a no disqualification match. There is one stipulation. The winner of this match, earns the right to walk away tonight with . . . .


(The crowd erupts as Al Snow's music begins to play)

Ring Announcer: Coming to the ring at this time hailing from Lima, Ohio. He weighs in at two hundred and thirty four pounds. He is Al SNOW!

(Al Snow walks through the curtains and makes his way to the ring. The look on his face is different from other appearances. This time he seems more serious and determined than ever. He begins his climb up the ring steps as Super Pimp's theme song blares over the speakers)

Ring Announcer: And his opponent. The man that now posseses "Head". He is, Super PIMP!

(Super Pimp walks through the curtains and is cradeling "Head" in his hands. A big smile covers his face, as the camera zooms in on the manican head. The plastic face is almost destroyed. It has only a half head of hair, SUPER PIMP burnt into it and what appears to be chunks of human waste all over it. Super Pimp slowly walks to the ring, but Al Snow meets him half way up the ramp)

Jerry Lawler: Look at this Ross, Snow has had enough.

Jim Ross: Yea, but his friend just got thrown onto the concrete. And now Snow is beating on the head of Super Pimp. The action has officially started.

Jerry Lawler: Since this is a no DQ match . . . WOW. Snow just body slammed Pimp on the steel baricade. Pimp is in pain.

Jim Ross: Well, he's getting what he deserves. He had no right to do that with Al Snow's . . . "FRIEND".

Jerry Lawler: Oh cut out the crap Ross. Snow is a lunatic and this match only prooves that. Who cares about some stupid plastic head?

Jim Ross: Evidently Snow does, because he is soundly pounding on Super Pimp's back as we speak.

Jerry Lawler: WHAT? Al Snow with a suplex on the concrete floor. I didn't know he was that athletic?

Jim Ross: I guess we learn something every day huh King? Now Snow is dragging Pimp to the ring. Under the ropes both men go. Snow is giving Pimp another series of rights and lefts.

Jerry Lawler: He does look pretty upset doesn't he? Pimp is up now, looky here. Running forearm by Snow. He looks good right now.

Jim Ross: Yes sir, he's in complete control. OH NO. Low blow by Super Pimp.

Jerry Lawler: Yea, but it barely even FAZED Snow. He's back on top with a few kicks to Pimps ribs.

Jim Ross: He definately looks determined, but will it last?

(Al Snow grabs Pimp by the leg and give him an elbow to the inner thigh. Then he turns Pimp over on his belly and performs a boston crab)

Jerry Lawler: LOOK AT THIS? Pimp has no where to go.

(Snow applies pressure to Pimp's lower back. The look on his face shows he means business. With gritted teeth and sweet pouring from his brow, Snow continues the hold)

Jim Ross: Looks like this match will end right here.

Jerry Lawler: Yea, but Snow is releasing the hold? That's stupid. He had him right where he wanted him.

Jim Ross: Pimp is pulled to his feet and is sung into the ropes. OH MY, flying body block from Pimp and now both men are down.

Jerry Lawler: He should have stayed with the submission hold that big dummy. noww look where he's at!

(The referee gets to the count of five and Snow begins to make it to his feet. Snow struggles over to Pimp and stands over him)

Jim Ross: Snow is back up, but WAIT. Pimp with a firemans carry. How did he pull that off. Snow is sent to the mat hard.

Jerry Lawler: It's a pin. ONE . . . TWO . . . Snow kicks out.

Jim Ross: How close was that? Great mover by Pimp. And now it looks as if he is taking control. AH, Pimp pokes Snow in the eyes. THAT was un called for.

Jerry Lawler: Can't get a finger in the eye when ya got your opponent in the boston crab Ross.

Jim Ross: KING, give it a rest. Snow sent to the ropes, take down by Pimp and he reverses it to a leg lock.

Jerry Lawler: Is this turning into a great match or what?!

(Suddenly, the camera shot leaves the ring and focuses on a single image of "Head" laying lonely in the middle of the ramp. Then the screen changes back to the ring)

Jery Lawler: Imagine that. Two grown men killing each other and their prize is laying under their nose. I'm surrounded by idiots. Ross you're fired.

Jim Ross: You can't fire me King. Just call the match. Pimp is now workin on that right leg of Al Snow.

Jerry Lawler: Pimp with a standing elbow to the back of the head. And now another. Pimp with a kick to the head of Snow. If he only knew that won't hurt that baboon.

Jim Ross: Snow is brought to his feet. Pile Driver attempt by Pimp. Snow REVERSES it into a back body drop. Now he's staggering around.

Jerry Lawler: Pimp is getting back up though. Snow against the ropes. Pimp with a round house kick. Great counter.

Jim Ross: Now he's wailing on the lower back of Snow.

(Super Pimp pulls Snow to his feet and drags him to the corner. Pimp places Snow on the top turnbuckle)

Jim Ross: What's gonna happen here?

Jerry Lawler: Pimp goes to the ropes and he's giving Snow a series of right hands.

(The crowd counts, as Pimp cuts away at Snow's forehead. Suddenly, Snow quickly elbows Pimp in the groin)

Jerry Lawler: Pimp just fell to the edge of the canvas on the other side of the ropes. Now here comes SNOW to get him.

Jim Ross: Snow gives Pimp a clothesline, NO.

(Pimp ducks the clothesline and Snow loses his balance and falls off the ring onto the concrete floor)

Jerry Lawler: Snow is layin at the end of the ramp now.

Jim Ross: But look at what Pimp is doing. He's going to the top rope. He won't do it.

(Pimp jumps high into the air and performs a frog splash on Snow, who is laying on the concrete floor in agony. Suddenly, the camera gets a shot of "Head" slowly rolling down the ramp)

Jerry Lawer: What's goin on? "Head" is comin to help Snow?

Jim Ross: It's not gonna be much help. Pimp brings Snow to his feet and is gonna attempt another pile driver.

Jerry Lawler: WAIT, the manican is just rolled against Snow's foot and he's picking it up.

(Super Pimp tries to pull Snow up, but he blocks it with his weight. Pimp pulls Snow to a stance and Snow wacks Pimp with "Head")

Jim Ross: Snow just hit Pimp with "Head", and Pimp is dazed. Look Snow just jumped on Pimp.

Jerry Lawler: And he's rubbing it in the face of Super Pimp. EEEEWWWwww . . . . that has . . .

Jim Ross: We know what's on it King. We know.

(Snow rubs "Head" all over the face of Super Pimp and then stands up holding "Head" way above his own head. He lets out a heroic scream and begins to walk towards the locker room)

Jerry Lawler: WHERE'S HE GOIN? He could have won again? What an idiot.

(The referee is standing in the ring confused. He slowly makes his way to the judges table and gives them his call. The judges hesitate a moment and then nod to the referee, who then relays the message to the ring announcer. Super Pimp gets in the ring and raises his hand as if he was the winner)

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, this match was a no disqualification match. Therefore, in this occasion, there can be no winner by countout. It is the referee's discision to declare this contest, a DRAW.

(The crowd boos loudly and Super Pimp begins to argue with the referee. After a few seconds of arguing he jumps over the top rope of the ring and walks towards the exit with a look of disgust. The camera focuses on Jim Ross and the King Jerry Lawler)

Jim Ross: Well there you have it King. our first match ended in a draw. Not a bad way to start things off huh?

Jerry Lawler: Shut up Ross. Pimp couldn't get a women for his life and Al Snow doesn't know what a REAL women is.

(Ross looks at Lawler and shakes his head in disgust. He then looks into the camera and points)

Jim Ross: Let's get to the ring for our next matchup.