Gapriel Palczewski/Deja News

That's silly. Snow got recalled to the WWF. From what I heard, he didn't sign that much of an extension. More or less, he signed for more money and hey, if you have to stay there, why not get paid for it? It was ECW's job to get him over. Don't you see that?

The ECW deal with the WWF states that they can have the un-used guys under WWF contract if they work them into new gimmicks and such.

Aldo Montayoa, Leif Cassidy, Furnas, LaFon, and Brakus were all handed to ECW for them to work with. Snow and Credible are the only two who really came out as anything.

Snow has guarantees in his new contract and that is why he signed. He has a guaranteed title reign, push, and what not. He wouldn't have signed if it left a door open for him to get fucked over again.

ECW has had him before as well and they didn't utilize him to the full extent even back then. For all I know, the Head gimmick is Al Snow's since he is able to take it with him to the WWF.

ECW gave him the air time (which they were obliged to do) and Snow did the rest. ECW got quite a bit out of Al Snow, Al Snow got a nice bit out of ECW, and so did the WWF. It all worked out.

This isn't the first time guys have been in ECW to showcase themselves. Konnan did it back in '95 when he brought the MExicans to ECW. The NEw Japan guys (Guerrero, Malenko, Benoit, and Jericho) all did it as well. Hell, even more recent people like Brian Pillman and Steve Austin have made stints in ECW. And don't think ECW wasn't grateful for it.