How to get"a-HEAD"in the Federation

How to get"a-HEAD"in the Federation By Brian Lutz

Federation officials have long known that Al Snow is a little bit, well, different. The backwards writing on the forehead, the paranoid delusions, the talking "Head" the guy is a few nickels short of a dollar.However, this time Al Snow may have outdone himself!

Fans will remember that Al Snow lost a match with a stipulation that he would be forced to leave the Federation. Ever since this dismissal, Snow has been desperately trying to find a way back into the ring.

On a recent RAW IS WAR, Al Snow decreed that the ever-present "Head" was now the commissioner of the Federation, and that "their" first action was to reinstate him!

This surprise announcement brought out several Federation officials, including Commissioner Slaughter.

Snow then began to play his own game show, "The Stooge Is Wrong," with the officials playing the role of unwilling contestants.

The Ohio native asked several questions of these officials, but would cut them off before they could answer. When Pat Patterson incorrectly answered one of Snow's queries, he received a shot to the groin as a consolation prize! Snow then bailed from the ring before security could arrive, but it was clear that "Head" would be back!

It should be noted that this "reinstatement" is not official by any means. Just because the voices say so, doesn't make it in stone! As far as Slaughter, Patterson and Brisco are concerned, Snow is just a psychotic nutcase who should be holed up in some rubber room! Reinstated? Right now, they believe he's the farthest thing from it! Unfortunately for Federation brass, Snow believes what "they" tell him, so it looks as if the fans can look forward to getting plenty of "Head" in the future!

This weekend on Federation programming, Part II of Jim Ross' sit-down interview with Al will continue! Will we find out WHO the voices are? Hey

JR--remember the last time you interviewed someone who was insane?