Grappling Without Glamour

Grappling without Glamour

Detroit Free Press,Dec 5,1999

Part of write-up writen by Neal Rubin

Enough local wrestlers have broken through to give the rest of them hope. The Edge, Delo Brown, Rhino, Christian, Al Snow -- all took their first falls in the same halls as the Coldings. Snow took a lot more than that; he scuffled for 12 years before he finally wrapped destiny in a hammerlock.

David St. Onge, a 270-pound electrician from Hazel Park, owns the ring Chuck Colding wrestled in at the Wayne Ford Civic League. A few times a month, he loads it onto a trailer and tows it to a show.

"I probably wrestled Al Snow in every little armory and community center in Ohio," said St. Onge, 35. He gave up the dream after shredding a knee ligament, but plenty of other young bucks have taken his place.