WWF Magazine September 1998

The Head's Top Five Favorites:

1. Band -

Talking Heads

2. Movie -


3. Television Show -

Head of the Class

4. Cartoon -

Beavis and Butthead

5. Shampoo -

Head and Shoulders

WWF Magazine December 1998

Top FIve Highlights Of This Year's Thanksgiving Dinner:

1. When some wise-@#$ at the end of the table asked Owen Hart to "pass the nuggets."

2. Al Snow's insistence that Head be the one to "Say Grace".

3. The turkey thermometer borke... Val Venis stepped in.

4. The innocent look of confusion on Babu's face just before being knocked unconscious by Bradshaw for turning off the football game.

5. D'Lo's attempt to convince everyone that in Europe Thanksgiving is known as Mardi Gras.

WWF Magazine February 1999

Top Five Richest People In The World Wrestling Federation:

1. Al Snow's therapist

2. Ken Shamrock's anger management counselor

3. Gangrel's dentist

4. Mr. McMahon

5. The guy who sells us Spanish announcer tables