WWF Heel

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At first, I sort of liked Al Snow.  Him and the Head were pretty damn funny and made a fairly decent team.  Now, HE ANNOYS THE HELL OUT OF ME!!! Al Snow is a WWF flunkie who got his fame in Extremely Crappy Wrestling.

Al Snow is so untalented that he had to go through 4 gimmicks (Avatar, Shinobi, Leif Cassidy, and now The Head) until he finally got one he could actually succeed in!!  There are guys like Mick Foley who could make all of them work, but not idiotic Al Snow.  Al Snow is so stupid that he pretends to talk and listen to a wooden head.  The reason Al Show does that is because he has no friends besides Scorpio!  Al Snow is a very lonely and disturbing man.

What kind of wrestling skills does Snow have???   Not many.  Let's see here; Snow finishes off all his matches by using that ridiculous head to knock out his opponents.  That is not very fair.  Where is his ethics???  Why does he have to cheat?  The second skill Mr. Snow has is that he is very proficient in using folding chairs.  He either smacks people with them or sets them up and jumps off them with flying kicks.  Those skills is what ECW taught him.

 Through my observance of former ECW wrestlers and ECW itself, I have developed some criteria in order to join ECW.  To join ECW, you have to: 1. Have an IQ lower than 25

2. Pass the class: steel chairs 101

3. Like playing Bingo

BUT, before I make all the ECW fans angry (all 6 of them), let me clarify a couple of things about ECW.  I will admit that ECW has hard workers and they do try hard.  Nothing is wrong with it.  However, calling it wrestling is like calling Michael Jordan a football player.  Sorry if this offends anyone, but ain't it the truth!  Crucifying people is not what I call wrestling!

Back to Al Snow, the reason his name is Al snow is that he enjoys taking snow.  Come on, it is way too obvious.  How many people do you know who while they are in severe pain, laugh maniacally?  I bet the answer is nobody!  Al Snow is a psycho path!   Shamrock put him in the ankle lock submission and Snow laughed hysterically.  Talking about being 5 short of a six pack.  He must be under the influence of some type of drug.

 Do you all know what Snow's biggest accomplishment so far in the WWF is?  It is beating up Senior Sargeant Slaughter!!!  Even an ECW wrestler could beat him up!!!  Come on Snow, get serious now.  Throw away that stupid head.  Join McMahon.  Wear a suit.  Be corporate Al Snow!!!

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