The Shoulder-Toss Takedown

The Shoulder-Toss Takedown By Al Snow Wrestling Superstars Winter95

If you want to know how to execute any hold properly you've come to the right man. And I do mean any hold.I've forgotten more holds than most so called great wrestlers known today .Have you seen Marty Jannetty lately?That has-been has'nt been the same since I taught him a wrestling lesson this summer and took away his precious Midwest Territorial heavyweight belt.

Maybe I should offer him a job cleaning my house or something.That's about his speed.

Enough kidding around.You're reading this because you want to learn,so pay attention.

What I'm going to teach you about today is a move I call the shoulder-toss takedown.It should be fairly simple for any wrestler who has been around a while,but you'd be surprised at how many wrestlers there are out there who just don't have a clue;They should pay me to teach them how to wrestle

The shoulder-toss takedown is something that can really take a guy by surprise and it can be a great defensive move.

If an opponent thinks he has you in a bad way.he'll more than likely come charging at you.If you're as quick as I am,you can step slightly to the side,keep your center of gravity low,and reach across his body.Then you have to reach around the far side of his neck and hook your hand around his shoulder.Then in one fluid motion,you lift the man high off his feet and hurl his body into the mat,with you coming down on top of him.

If you've seen me excecute this move,you'll know it tooks kind of like a choke-slam,but better.

Another key to executing this move perfectly-and I always execute it perfectly-is the footwork.You must move your feet the way pitcher does when he winds up to fire a fastball.Use your feet to drive your body forward and make the most of your momentum.If you don't have your legs churning and moving forward,your opponent can easily reverse the move and land on top of you.Trust me,you don't want that to happen.

I'll tell you this;The Shoulder-Toss Takedown can be a great move.Too bad there aren't many guys out there who are smart enough or talented enough to get it done right

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