Hot Seat

Hotseat-'That Man Has Rocks In His Head!'-Inside Wrestling

When Al Snow returned to the WWF in 1998 after a lengthy absence, he demonstrated a different personality than WWF fans had ever seen. Snow had become, quite frankly, a maniac. He babbled during interviews and brandished a mannequin head as his manager. For some reason, he even began to write"HELP ME" backwards across his forehead. Still, a lot of fans took to Snow and supported him.What a difference a year makes.In recent months, Snow has been more than a little envious of The Rock's relationship with Mankind. Snow, once Mankind's closest friend, quickly becameThe Rock 'n' Sock Connection's biggest critic.   Since ending his friendship with Mankind, Snow has behaved like a spoiled child, interfering in matches featuring The Rock, and even going so far as to throw away a copy of Mankind's best seller, 'Have a Nice Day'. Naturally, The Rock and Mankind have more important things to worry about besides Snow.

The Rock is arguably the Federation's biggest star, while Mankind has transformed himself into one of the sports most respected elder statesmen (though he's only 34!) But does Snow really want to destroy The Rock 'n' Sock Connection, or does he have a more sinister motive?Inside Wrestling sent Contributing Writer Mitch Lucas to meet with Snow before a recent card. He found that Snow might very well be in need of a psychiatric evaluation.

Q: I see you're already dressed for your match tonight, even though you don't wrestle for, what, another 90 minutes. What gives?

Al: I like to get the little things out of the way and focus completely on my opponent. Besides, what do you care? And who are you, anyway? I guess you're here to ask me why I hate the Rock and Mankind, aren't you? What difference does it make what I'm wearing?

Q: None, really. I just thought..well, never mind. Since you brought it up, why are you so jealous of The Rock's friendship with Mick Foley? This is like something out of first grade, Al. Can't Mick Foley have two good friends in the WWF?

Al: I expect people like you to take that attitude. You haven't been there. You haven't walked in my shoes. You haven't traveled the road with Mick and the so-called, 'Great One'. Just eating with Mick in public is degrading. I cannot believe this man lives like he does.I don't know how his family puts up with it. And what's with those shirts?

Q: Forget about the shirts. Your problem is more with the Rock than with Mankind, right?

Al: In the beginning. Now I've got issues with Mick, too. Mick goes along with the Rock in everything. The Rock can do no wrong, even when he is putting Mick down. I mean, you heard what he told me about great he thinks The Rock 'n' Sock Connection is and how his team with me was awful. He's supposed to be my best friend. What kind of friend tells you that, Jerry Springer?

Q: To be honest, I think Mick was telling the truth. He has had quite a bit of success with The Rock, while his pairing with you has been..well, let's say less than fruitful. You didn't even make one successful defense when you were champions. I can't help but think this entire situation boils down to petty jealousy on your part. Why did you feel you had to interfere in their World tag title match against The New Age Outlaws at Armageddon?

Al: Do they just give you guys tablets and tell you to go out and harass wrestlers, or what? What kind of stupid question is that? Here's a stupid answer. There was no way in hell that I was going to let The Rock and Mankind win the tag straps back, not after the way they treated me. Everybody calls me crazy. The Rock is a nut. Talk about your egomanics! That man has rocks in his head! I don't know where he comes up with all of this crap about me, but I am not putting up with it anymore. I'm going to take The Rock out.

Q:Are you threatening The Rock?

Al:Are you listening? You're as bad as Lillian Garcia or Michael Cole. You're damn right I'm threatening The Rock. What is he, above being threatened or something? I've beaten him before. This man has been on a massive ego trip since he got here. I'm gonna prove to the world that The Rock is a nothing. He's nothing. He's a blowhard who gets his jollies by insulting people on national TV. What a great guy, huh? He stands there and insults people. What sportsmanship.

Q:Isn't it fair to say your friendship with Mick Foley is over?

Al: Probably. But if Mick was smart, he would turn his back on that loser and renew our friendship. It was a real friendship. But I don't mind telling you I was the brains in our partnership.

Q:You were the brains? No offense, Al, but..

Al:But what?

Q: You aren't exactly known to be a genius. Mick seems to be a smart guy. He's got a bestseller out and.. A: That brings up another topic: that book. What gives him the right to write a book? What has Mick ever done that would be worthy of writing a book? The entire thing is a work of fiction that belongs in the children's section.

Q: I've read Mick's book, Al, and I wouldn't exactly call it children's reading. It's very good. And I'm beginning to feel like you're the one conducting this interview. Let's get back on track. Where does the resentment you feel for the book come from?

Al:That's the best question yet.

Simple: Mick doesn't know what he's talking about.

Q:You're talking about a man who has competed in every promotion worth it's salt in the world. How can you say that?

Al: Sure, he knows about getting your ear ripped off, or hip replacement surgery, or something. But Mick has taken too many licks to the head. He should have consulted me on a book like this. And all he does is insult me.

Q: Let's get past Mankind and The Rock for a minute and talk about your future in the WWF. This may sound crazy, but what is your ultimate goal? Are you going to hang around the arenas and interfere in their matches forever?

Al:For the immediate future, yes. They deserve it. In the long term, I'm just like everybody else. I want my shot at glory, my shot at the WWF title. Look at some of the men who have held this belt: Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, Steve Austin, The Big Show. I'm at least as good as all of them.

Q:You put your own talent on the level with Hogan and Austin?

A:I'm as good or better than them. I can beat at least 97 percent of the people in the WWF right now, and you can toss The Rock, or whatever he calls himself, into that group.

Q:I thought we weren't going to discuss The Rock anymore. Are you that obsessed with him?

Al:That's it. I'm sick of this. I've told you how I feel. I'm beginning to think that Mick or The Rock has paid you to come out here and frustrate me.

Q:You're getting paranoid, Al. I haven't spoken with either of them recently. But I think you guys should sit down and try to talk this out. Have you tried that?

Al:I don't want anything to do with either one of them. The only thing The Rock understands is a wallop over the head from HEAD.

Q:That's the first time you've brought your, uh, companion into the conversation. I've noticed HEAD has taken a more active role in your matches lately. Is there some particular reason..

Al:You know what? I was wrong about what I said earlier. You're much worse than Jim Ross or Michael Cole, or even Lillian Garcia. You're a little too in-depth for me. This interview is over. By the way, if you see Mick or The Rock, tell them to keep checking their rearview mirrors. I'll be there. I'll always be there.