Beyond the Hype

Last but not least comes Al Snow, who only having half a brain has corrected the problem by dragging around a plastic mannequin to make up for the half he's missing.

  Now guess what he calls him/her?  Give up?   "Head", wow how creative, you've outdone yourself!  Snow, or should I say Mr. Wizard.  He too, says Head is his personal friend and is also an optional foreign objectin the ring on any given night.

  Now I must admit the idea of having 2 heads is great if they were both in working order, I mean, just think of how great it would be to munch through a chicken wing with one mouth and down a bottle of "Bud" with the other while watching 2 TV's.  Imagine driving to the matches, you could look for a parking spot with one head, and swear at the driver next to you with the other.

  It don't get any better than that, does it?  But sorry, the fake head just doesn't seem to be a very good prop to me.  I think Snow would be a much bigger draw if he had HIS head removed and carried that into the ring with him.

  Now that would be a real manly wrestling prop and a public service, too!

Jonny Larue/Beyond the Hype 2/18/99