jason A Campbell

Other than doing jobs on t.v. shows Snow has never wrestled for a major federation until recently.

Al started wrestling in 1982 after being trained by Jim Lancaster.

His first few years he did t.v. jobs for AWA,Poffo's ICW,St Louis Wrestling at the Chase,ect.After that he mostly wrestled the independents in and around Ohio.

His big break actually occured because of a no show in January 1994.It was on the infamous Joe Lake cards in Michigan.Sabu did not have an opponent,so it was suggested that Al wrestle him.It was a great match,easily in the 4 star range.

After that,local promoters were all wanting to book Al vs Sabu,eventually they had their how famous ladder match all the tape traders wanted.

In may of 1994,Snow wrestled on a show in Ashland KY for Bobby Blaze,they had a mutual friend who got Al booked on the show.Blaze kept running shows in Ashland using Al and Smoky Mt Wrestling talent.Cornette took a likeing to Snow and said that when a place opened up for him,it was his.

As we all know this did'nt happen until February of 1995

In the mean time,Snow was a busy man.He had been to Japan a few times for the Kitao shoot group,helped Dan Severn train for the UFC,and had some great matches in near by Philly His match with Candido at the NWA Tourney in November was easily the best match on the show.His match with Benoit at the ECW arena was even better,however,it seems that Paul E. did'nt like the idea of Al working for Cornette and never used him again.Shows how BRILLIANT Paul E.,huh?(editer:please note this was writen in 1995,Paul E didn't know about HEAD)

It is true that Snow trained Severn for pro wrestling,and helped him prepare for UFC.

Al has a brown belt in Jitsu and a black belt in Akido,I may have the disciplines wrong,but you get the picture.Al has also trained many of the younger local wreslers including Steve Nixon,Ray "the Crippler"Roberts and Rob Austin(now Super Kongo) in Calgary.

He also trained referee Pee Wee Moore of ECW,and now New Japan fame.

On the personal side,Al is married and has 4 kids

He's actually a pretty normal guy for a wrestler,many of them are nuts or really messed up.He never took steroids or drugs,and does'nt even drink

credit:Jason A Campbell

4/23/1995 Deja News