John D. Williams/Deja News

John D. Williams/Deja News

Through little fault of his own,Al Snow has to hold the record for "worst series of career moves by a talented Wrestler"

Toils in the indy scene for years

Sabu moves up,Waltman moves up,hell even J.L. got to work Michinoku Pro briefly!

Finally Snow makes it into ECW and promptly leaves after a couple of shows dissing the company on the way out,which is no doubt a major breach of team ECW security,to be a star in SMW.

SMW lasts about six months after he gets there then goes belly up.

Cornette goes to the WWF and takes some guys with him,where upon Al gets the Leif Cassidy gimmick and Marty Jannety as a partner,and dons the Shinobi and or Avatar togs when they need a Wrestler to make some of Vince's "New Generation"look ok in the ring.

And then he gets the rare privilege of being able to go back to ECW and he's still putting lesser people over there!

John D Williams 8/25/97 Deja News