Trying to Knock Wrestling Off

In and Out Of The "Squared Circle"

by Chris Yuscavage

Trying to Knock Wrestling Off? Keep Trying!

Although it is both ridiculous and ludicrous, it happens so often lately that it fails to even come as a surprise anymore. No, it is not government scandals. Rather, it is the powerful effect that the world of wrestling has taken over the entire globe, particularly in the industrial sense, causing massive amounts of complaints and controversies. So why exactly do parents, teachers, and even religious figures strive to disfigure the face of wrestling in such bizarre ways?

Obviously, the most recent attack on wrestling occured in Atlanta, Georgia, where a college professor encouraged and persuaded Wal-Mart representatives to remove a wrestling figurine from the shelves. The reason? The wrestling superstar from the World Wrestling Federation carries the head of a female mannequin as part of his gimmick. Seems justifiable enough, right? Well, take a look at Al Snow on television on the Monday night wrestling program WWF Raw is War. Snow is pictured swinging the head around, acting like a complete idiot, and willingly being photographed with the words "Help Me!" written on his forehead. How many children do you think step back and question the gender of the head and the "brutal" treatment that Snow is giving it?

Situations, such as this, make fools out of those that choose to nitpick throughout the world of wrestling. How many children actually understand half of the angles going on within the World Wrestling Federation? Is "Roll the Dog a Bone" or "It's Time to Get Aboard the Ho Train" a phrase that will really make much sense to a 9-year old boy tuning in to watch Stone Cold Steve Austin? Probably not. Will children care that a self-absorbed wrestler showers the crowd with shots of his derrière? They'll laugh it off. So why should a man, and a crazy one at that, be taken so seriously when he swings a mannequin head around like the idiot that he portrays? The bottom is, he shouldn't. Now, there must be a definite line which wrestling musn't cross, but as of today, nothing has betrayed it. Scantily-clad women, barbaric men, and risque angles are a basic "necessity" for any good TV show these days. Is it right? No. Is it a reality? Definitely. No doubt people will continue to attempt to end the reign of wrestling. And maybe, by some bizarre twist, they will. But then what will they do? Oh yes, that's right. Quick, don't let the kids see Buffy killing that poor innocent vampire!