Lets get Hardcore

Let's get hardcore!

By Seth Mates/WWF.com Headlines

Another early Hardcore Champion was Al Snow, who would often take his matches through the backstage area and outside the arenas.

'I try to be as creative as possible in hardcore matches, but a lot of the time it's a group effort,' Snow said.

'You see these hardcore matches and sometimes eight or nine people can get involved, and all of those people also have to be in on the creative process. I like hardcore matches, they're fun and entertaining, but they really take a toll on your body.'

One particularly memorable storyline took place following Summerslam 1999, when Snow and The Bossman were feuding for the title. Snow had been carrying a little dog to the ring with him, named Pepper. The Bossman kidnapped the dog and cooked him up--feeding Al some 'Pepper Steak!' Of course, The Bossman didn't really kill any dogs, but it made for a hell of a storyline!' It was a fantastic storyline, and I still have people coming up to me to this day, and asking me if I really did ring that dog's neck and cook him up',

The Bossman said. "If you check out J.R's cookbook, you can get the original recipe on how to fix Pepper Steak. You need a live Chihuahua, and a bunch of baking (bacon?) grease!'