All you need is a little HEAD

Here is my article on Al Snow & the Head.... It explains the entire angle and everything you need to know.... I originally wrote it in early 1998.....


by Jack Epstein

Al Snow was known as Leif Cassidy in the WWF. He formed a partenrship with Shawn Michaels' ex-Rocker partner, Marty Jannetty. They were known as the New Rockers, and tagged regularly for about 6 months. Following Survivor Series 1996, Marty Jannetty was fired for some "unexplainable" problem leaving Cassidy all by himself. By this time, Cassidy had shed the goofy "brady bunch worshipping" gimmick (a funny one, tho), and set out to make it in a WWF singles career.

Leif had very little luck in singles competition, jobbing to everyone. Leif then started to show some "frustration" in the ring. After losing matches to Scott Taylor and Scott Putski, Leif started "attacking" Jim Ross. He claimed that he's better and that he won the match, blah, blah, blah. Ross wrote Cassidy off as a lunatic.

Enter August 1997. Al Snow returns to the ECW Arena in his "Leif Cassidy tights". Al came to ECW to finally get some respect, and be appreciated for his talents, not a stupid gimmick. He faced TAZ in his return match, and submitted to the TAZmission. Al faced Rob Van Dam at the Hardcore Heaven PPV, and was cleanly pinned.

Al put up some great performances, but could never win. This lead to many questioning why every federation misbooks Al Snow. Snow was a jobber in every federation (except SMW) that he competed in.

The match that changed his career was held in the Elks Lodge before the November to Remember PPV. Al Snow took on Rob Van Dam once again, but Snow absolutely destroyed Van Dam. During the match Snow showed some "frustration" by a whistle-blowing Bill Alphonso. Snow also started talking to the timekeeper's table, showing signs that he wasn't playing with a full deck. Sabu eventually interfered in the match and Van Dam got the victory.

November to Remember PPV featured a strange Al Snow interview from the lockerroom. Snow, wearing a T-Shirt that said JOB Squad, talked about not getting a "push" from promoters in wrestling. How he always had to do the job. Al then realized that he wouldn't get anywhere in the sport if he didn't give the promoters a little head. Now, for some of you, you might not know what "giving head" means. Basically, its sucking someone's third leg. The interview had some truth to it, especially after hearing many rumors of Pat Patterson's (WWF official, he's gay) abuse of power.

Snow pulls out a mannequin head which has the words "Help Me" spelt backwards on its forehead. In the following weeks, Al Snow would give more interviews with the "head". They are some of the funniest ones ever scripted, and they are a must see for any ECW fan.

Interviews included: Al Snow in the back seat of a station wagon, while the head (in the front seat) drives Al Snow off to the land of victory; Al Snow and the Head wishing everyone happy holidays, and hoping that everyone watching gets some "Head" for Christmas; Al Snow waiting for the Head to finish taking a shower, only to find out that the head has used up all the hot water.

Al Snow's matches have drastically changed, too. Al Snow comes out to the ring with "eM pleH" written on his forehead, with the Head under one of his arm. His music is Prodigy's "Breathe". He jumps into the ring and starts "Headbanging" with the head raised in the air as the fans chant "Head! Head! Head! Head! Head! Head!". Al places the Head in the corner of the ring, and talks to it occasionally during his matches.

Recently, Al Snow has been on a winning streak. On this week's ECW TV, he pinned Doug Furnas in a Team WWF vs. Team Extreme match. Al Snow was more over than New York's own TAZ. Al Snow is currently the hottest commodity wrestling in ECW, and he gets more support everyday from the ECW fans. From Jobber to Superstar overnight.

Thats Al Snow .

Whats the moral of the story folks?

All you need is a little head.

Jack Epstein/Deja News