Lucas report

Hardcore--And Lovin' It!

By Lucas

If you ask anyone associated with the World Wrestling Federation, be it fan or expert, to think back a few months to the January 4th episode of RAW IS WAR and name the most important event of that night, I'm sure the great majority will say "Mick Foley becoming Champion." And they'd all be right.

However, something else went down on that cold, snowy night in Worcester, Massachusetts that changed the face of the Federation--Al Snow and the Road Dogg had a "Hardcore" Match. This wasn't only an ordinary match. These two superstars battled all over the arena, backstage and finally outside in the snow. Without knowing it, the Roadie and Al Snow set an incredibly high standard for which all other hardcore matches would be judged.

From that night on, any superstar competing in a hardcore match has tried to put on a better performance than any one has before. We saw Road Dogg and Snow team up to take on the Acolytes in a hardcore tag match--and fight all over the America West Arena in Phoenix. These four used anything and everything they could get their hands on, and the fans loved it!

How about Snow's recent battle with Hardcore Holly for the championship? These two former allies brought their fight into the Mississippi River! And folks it wasn't May in Memphis, that water was damn cold!

On April 25, these two superstars will try to outdo that performance when they compete for the Hardcore Title once again at Backlash