Snow aint got a Home

Snow aint got a Home(ed note:This is a fake story,but funnie)

credit:Some ghost writer in a message board/May of 99


Last Tuesday, lovers of art, real estate, cars, or just good bargains arrived as early as 6 AM in Lima at the large and luxurious mansion once known around the town as "Stately Snow Manor".

The mansion, once owned by famous wrestler Al Snow, was reposessed by the state of Ohio due to Snow's inability to maintain the exhaustive mansion and keep up with taxes. The mansion, and everything in it, was auctioned off by the state for exuberant amounts of money, making the mayor of Ohio very happy, and Snow very upset.

Snow refused to comment from his hospital bed, where he is slowly recovering from severe injuries suffered last month in the ring. Local residents, however, were on-hand and made these comments;

"Al's done a lot for this community since achieving his wealth. Before his donations to the public schools, my kid was using text books from the 70's. A lot of people didn't know the real Al Snow .. we call him Mr. Sarven. He's a nice guy, and it's really too bad what happened to him." -J. Lawrence

"you'd think that after all of the good deeds he did for this town, that the state would cut the guy a little slack. Maybe that Dibiase feller had some connections. Some of us folks ae thinkin' of starting a collection to help with all those hospital bills. Can't save the mansion tho. Pity. A real pity." -B. Fyfe.

Along with conniseurs of antiques, several wrestling insiders showed up to try and get their hands on some collectables. Among them was Robert Ryder, well known for his well known wrestling website,

"It's always a shame when things like this happen to a rising star. How many wrestlers have to be injured before the promoters start helping. So far, the International Wrestling League has made no effort to either help Al with his medical bills, or with his home."

Former female wrestling champion and manager, Sherri Martel, was on-hand and spoke to us at length. Ms. Martel was visibly upset, and many of her comments cannot be printed here, but she did have this to say;

"A lot of people only saw what Al did on the screen, as part of his persona, so they don't really care what happened to him. All they knew was that Al was a money-starved jerk. That's not the real Al Snow, and I wish more people understood the severity of this. The IWL should release those responsible and seek legal action. This has gotten out of hand!"

At this time, Al Snow (aka Allen Sarven) is still recouperating in an undisclosed hospital with severe neck and head trauma. According to experts, Sarven has probably wrestled his last match. It is unsure at this moment who is paying the medical bills for Sarven

Ghost writer unknown