Al on LiveWire

Micheal Cole is talking about the New when suddenly Head pops up from behind the desk Micheal is upset

M.C. What are doing here?

(Now Al pops up with a Got Head T-Shirt on)

A.S. I have every right to be here.

M.C.No you don't oh nevermind well as long as your here lets see if your here.

A.S.Of course I am (Now talking to Head)Yes I am

M.C. Here you are.

A.S.(Talking to Head) I told you!

M.C. Says here your from Lima(Mispornonce's Lima) Ohio.

A.S. Lima(saying it right) do I look arabic come on.

M.C.It talks about you and the Hardcore title (Al Shows off the belt)

M.C.Well nice seeing you I guess

(Al doesn't hear him he's talking to head)

They go to a comercal when they come back Al is gone

credit;HeadCase member of the HEAD Staff