Mechanics Local

Part of an Editorial for Mechanics Local-By Mariane Matera

Whether or not to print the photos of wrestler Al Snow and his mannequin head gimmick was discussed around the office, and since it was not a horror movie type head, but more the type you practice on in beauty school or put your wigs on when you're not wearing them, the photos ran. Whether Al Snow is a good role model for children is not for us to decide. The fact is, he appeared in Mechanicsville and many parents brought their children to get his autograph. There are fans of wrestling, and no matter what you think of wrestling, or Al Snow, this happened in Mechanicsville last week.

We could have posed the photographs so they didn't show the head, and not mention the head at all in the story, although it is 95 percent of Snow's performance as a wrestler. But then, the people who don't approve of such things would be unaware of the fact that this is his show. Maybe you'd buy a ticket to see him wrestle, and there'd be the head, and then you'd be calling the office in anger that we didn't warn you, that we had written a story about this wrestler as if he was a nice role model for your kids, when the fact was, he talks to a head and you may need to know that.

I also have to object to one comment that we only cover activities like this and not all the good or uplifting things that happen in the community. The Local most certainly has covered those other events, but it's less likely your family talked about it around the table and got excited enough about it to make phone calls or write letters, and so those stories are not remembered, where the ones that rile people up are.

For instance, I received three times as many calls about the little girl who needed turkeys and Christmas trees for her adopted families over the holidays, but even here at the office, we tend to discuss that kind of response less than we do if a single person calls in complaining about the head.