DDT Digest/Brushes with Greatness

My more recent brushes with greatness have been mixed. I'm 18 years old now, and I suppose wrestlers don't think 18 year old guys should be attending a lot of shows, either that, or they just don't like punk rock skater kids. The first or my more recent brushes happened at the Brian Pillman Memorial here in Cincinnati. They had a picture session beforehand with all the big name wrestlers. I had my picture taken with Chris Candido, whom at the time was not nice at all, Chris Jericho, whom was also very un-cordial, and Sunny. Sunny was the nicest out of the bunch at the time, she took the time to shake hands and ask me how I was doing, and commented that I looked very wet, I was, after standing out in the rain for two hours waiting to get inside. That kind of put me in a funk for the show.

After the show, I headed to Denny's with my friend to grab a cup of coffee and something to eat. We were sitting there eating, and in walks Chris Candido, Sunny, Al Snow, and his wife. They told the waitress that a lot more would be coming, but they never showed. After they had ordered, I hopped up, and walked over to their table. As soon as I appeared Sunny recognized me, and said to Chris, "Hey, it's the guy with the Strung Out shirt that was all wet". Chris apologized to me for not being very friendly during pictures, and he said, that things didn't go too well backstage before the show, and before picture sessions. I explained to them who/what Strung Out is (an excellent punk band from Simi Valley, CA), and they said they'd check them out.

All the while Al Snow sat there, gazing around...and I felt kind of bad for neglecting him. I asked him to hold on, and I ran out to my car, and grabbed my head, which was thrown to/at me by Chris Candido after he lost his match with Al, and had Al sign it. I told them both, that they had a great match that night and that they really should come to Cincinnati. They both seemed really apperciative that I liked their match, and they both said that they'd look into getting ECW around the Cincy area.. (BTW Heatwave 98 is now being held about 35 miles north of cincy in Dayton, OH.)

My most recent brush was a couple of weeks ago at a card held here at a club called Bogart's. The show was put on by Les Thatcher's HWA. Before the show, as I was waiting out in front, I saw a brand new white Corvette with Tennessee plates roll up to a stop sign. The man behind the wheel was none other than Prime Time Brian Lee.. He wasn't scheduled to be on the card, which kinda' made me wonder. Turns out, Brian and local indy wrestler the Bounty Hunter replaced the Headbangers who were scheduled to wrestle the Pitbulls. After the show, I headed out back behind Bogart's where the performers usually exit, and where I always park in the adjacent lot, which is not a coincidence :-). A few of the indy wrestlers came out, and no one paid attention to them. The Pitbulls were the first to walk out, and I yelled at Pitbull #2, who was drinking a Foster's 32 oz beer, "Hey Anthony! Nice Beer choice!" He replied with a "That's all they had you f***ing d***head." I'm anti-Pitbull now, after that little incident. Next of the big names to walk out was Brian Lee. I asked Brian if we would ever see him in ECW again. He replied very sarcastically with "I dunno. Maybe. Maybe next week." He then got in his Corvette and sped off. Next out was none other than Cactus Jack. Cactus is a class act, all around. He took time to take a picture with me, sign my ticket stub, and answer some questions. While this was going on, Road Dog Jesse James sneaked out, ran through some fans, and left, but not before I could yell "Hey Jesse.. phat dreads!" He replied with a "Thanks man, back at ya!" and he left. Cactus got a kick out of this. The last of the big names to exit was Al Snow. Al carries the head in a duffel bag, BTW. Al was also a VERY nice guy. He remembered me from after the Pillman show, noticed that I now had dreadlocks, and told me to quit smoking, that it would stunt my growth. Al joked around with a few fans before leaving. That's all from me.