Al vs Holly Hershey PA

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by Christopher Murry

Billed as a Hardcore title match, Hardcore Holly pinned Al Snow to apparently win the title, but Howard Finkel stated afterwards it was non-title. Snow came out wearing a Hershey Bears jersey (the Bears being a minor league hockey team for the Avalanche).

In one of the silliest, most ridiculous things you will ever see in wrestling, Holly grabbed a fire extinguisher and prepared to use it on Snow. Holly squeezed the trigger, but nothing came out.

Holly goes, "Oh, yeah. I have to remove the pin first." He removes the pin, squeezes the trigger, and still nothing. So he looks down the nozzle for a clog or something, and sure enough he's sprays himself right in the face. Utterly stupid and embarrassing. Anyway, after the match, Holly roughs up Finkel for fun.