Muscle theater the Star at Nutter

Muscle theater the star at Nutter

By Tom Hopkins


Saturday, October 16, 1999

FAIRBORN--Scratch a 300-pound wrestler, and you're likely to find a thespian just dying to play Shakespeare.

"Wrestling today is a male soap opera," says promoter Doug Scharfberg, who put together the World Wrestling Federation show to be staged at Ervin J. Nutter Center today.

"We provide interesting storylines--continuing storylines," he said. "It's an ongoing saga--a TV show with a theme. Each storyline is set up in the dialogue and while they're wrestling. It's all scripted."

Following the script, Lima's own Al Sarven, who calls himself Al Snow on stage, will be trying to break The Bossman's bones as he defends his Hardcore Title.

Snow's ongoing storyline: He is distressed because he's been "psychologically traumatized," so he likes to take direction from Head, a disembodied mannequin he carries with him.