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Last Sunday, the ECW had a pay-per-view event called "WrestlePalooza." It turned out to be a lollapalooza.

The world title was on the line as hobbled champ Shane Douglas faced Al Snow. Earlier, Douglas announced that in spite of a badly damaged elbow which requires a brace (and eventual surgury), knee and back problems and severely sprained neck, he was still defending his title vs. Snow. Talk about being tough (or dumb).

Then out comes Taz, who claims responsibility for Shane's injuries, and thus should get a title shot. Sounds perfectly logical to me. Taz then attacked Douglas. Security guards and Bam Bam Bigelow came to Shane's rescue and Taz was escorted out of the arena.

Now a word about challenger Al Snow. He brings a mannequin's head to the ring and places it in his corner. He periodically asks it for advice and guidance. Hey, we all have our little quirks.

Anyway, Al takes the action to Douglas and it is quite a donnybrook. They smash chairs and tables and eventually all the wrestlers from the locker room come ringside to witness this struggle.

It ended when Al tried to hit Shane in the head with the mannequin's head, and missed. Douglas then shoveled Snow onto the mat for a reverse shoulder pin and win. The biggest shock of all came when they shook hands.

Part of Living Dangerouly PPV Articial

Because the hole in the ring floor could not be repaired, it became necessary to rope off that part of the ring with yellow tape, just like the kind you see at crime scenes. So the grudge match between Shane Douglas and Chris Candido vs. Lance Storm and a mystery partner went on with a hole in the mat.

Lance's partner turned out to be Sunny, who is Candido's wife.(ED:when did that happen?) But as the match began, Sunny turned traitor and joined Chris in pummeling Lance. Then Al Snow came to rescue Lance. Snow and Storm threw Shane into the open pit and as he disappeared from sight, someone yelled, "Come back, Shane." Eventually, Lance "stormed" to victory by pinning Douglas.(ED;gee I could be wrong up wasnt it Al who got the pin with a Snowplow???

From part of an Articial about King of the Ring

The most bizarre match had to be Al Snow and his mannequin head vs. Brian Christopher and Scott Taylor. Brian's dad, Jerry the King Lawler, was special referee. This one ended when Lawler got a bottle of dandruff shampoo and stuck it under the mannequin's head, making it into a puppet. Brian then pinned the head.(ED;It was HEAD and Shoulders and it wasn't the king that did it,it was Brian...he made it into a puppet?????and who says Brian is Jerrys kid??)