Old Times

Old Times-(part of write-up by David Christenson

Which brings us to action figures, another major segment of the hobby. Hundreds are on the market and the aftermarket, though only a few rise above medium values. One of these is the first action figure issued for Al Snow, a discontinued item with accessories that included a miniature mannequin head.

The story behind this rarity is that Snow was a "jobber" (a wrestler who never wins) and his gimmick was that his loser status drove him insane. But madness is not enough for a performer to distinguish himself in this business. In the depths of his supposed delusions, Snow ran across a female mannequin head that not only spoke to him but offered him good career advice, and he started carrying it to wrestling events to act as his manager.

Viewed on television, the scenario was bizarre enough. When it was played out in toy form, some adults who didn't know the backstory couldn't tell the toy mannequin head from a toy "real" head. Some parents thought the action figure set was legitimizing the decapitation of women.

The head was deleted from the package, and from a misunderstanding a scarce collectible was born.