Phil Williamson

In 1981, with high school graduation behind him, Allen Sarven had spent several years phoning round major U.S. wrestling offices in search of some way to get into Pro Wrestling. The first thing he did was sell his car and get a 24hr bus ride from Lima, Ohio to Charlotte, North Carolina and blow the remainder of his money on a session at Ole and the late Gene Anderson's notoriously sadistic training camp.

Al returned to Ohio bruised and battered but not undeterred, he contacted local grappler Jim Lancaster into schooling him at a local community centre. He learnt the basics, twice a week for three months and made his debut on May 22nd 1982. At this point in his career there wasn't anything special about Al, he was known as Mitch Snow and regularly paid his dues on the indie scene as a T.V. squash boy.

Fed up with the lack of work he started to promote his own cards and opened his own wrestling school, the most noteworthy student of his school was none other than Dan "The Beast" Severn, who Snow trained and seconded for at the UFC IV.

Al began to show his potential during a meeting with Sabu in January 1994, Al was a replacement for a no-showing wrestler. The chemistry was obviously there and word quickly spread about this virtually unknown grappler who was playing a part in some of Sabus best matches.As this feud rumbled on into Atumn of '94, Al's C.V. was brought before Paul Heyman and the "Snowman" received a tryout at ECW. Despite a loss to Taz, Al made enough of an impression to be invited back at the start of 1995 for a slick, scientific victory over Osamu Nishimura, a loss to Sabu, and a show-stealing defeat at the hands of "The Crippler" Chris Benoit on Feb 4th.

However Jim Cornette offered Al a spot in his SMW federation as Glen "Unabomb" Jacobs tag-partner. Ironically, even though noise was being made about Snows mat-prowess, Cornette was taken with Snows vocal ability, Snow made a biting response to an inept UFC interviewers query as to what Severn had planned between fights: "He's going to have sex, what do you think?"

"Simply Sensational"s' six-month stint with SMW saw him develop his previously unseen smart-mouth side, as he and Unabomb became the latest team to threaten aging heroes The Rock'n'Roll Express. A three-month reign with the gold was there until July 6th, courtesy of Dirty White Boy Tony Anthony and Tracy Smothers. Another loss was thrown to them by the same team this time a Loser leaves SMW bout, although this wasn't a real concern for Al, as he had already flirted with WCW over the negotiating table in July.

Al eventually signed a deal with the WWF and became Avatar in the process. October 23rd, Al arrived in Michigan on a live Raw broadcast which saw him win a squash match. By the end of January 1996, the Avartar idea was scrapped, and on the following months tapings saw Al perform double-duty as Shinobi and Leif Cassidy. The results were still the same, the masked ninja's shoulders hit the canvas for Ahmed Johnson and The New Rockers were doomed from the beginning.

August 1997, Paul Heyman phoned up asking to borrow Snow's services, but Snow had gone from a geeky, happy-go-lucky, rockin dude with a cult following to a frustated employee at breaking point. This situation wasn't that unreal either, work was sporadic and money was scarce, furthermore, the guy's upstairs wouldn't grant him a contract release either. Whilst being in ECW he carried on playing his "over-the-edge" card, talking to himself and flipping out at a moments notice. He started to bring a styrofoam head to the ring and began arguing with it. Unfortunately for the head things got physical and the over-matched head was left in pieces in the middle of the ring.

Soon after, the head which he currently brings to the ring was discovered in a box of weapons that fans had brought for New Jack to utilise. Al adopted this new head and, on January 10th at House Party '98, ECW distributed hundreds of foam heads to the fans which led to the peculiar ritual which stalked Snow's every move. The Head became a hot gimmick but one thing was very clear: Snow was consistently winning matches for the first time since leaving SMW.

His most significant victory came at Living Dangerously when, as Lance Storms mystery partner he Snowploughed World champ Shane Douglas for the one-two-three. This set the stage for the biggest night in Als life as he faced Douglas at wrestlepalooza '98 for the gold, unfortunately though he was beaten by a lucky Douglas with a sloppy Sunset Flip reversal.

Since returning home Al foolishly aligned himself with Jerry Lawler which didn't last long, and this led to King of the Ring where he faced and lost against Too much. This supposedly was the end but things changed when he beat Sgt Slaughter in a Boot Camp match, earning himself official re-instatement. Victories at In your House and a new catch-phrase "what does everybody want?" have now put Snow where he rightfully belongs: On the map.