So Snow made his way to Philadelphia where he competed for the ECW. There, he forged an image of his own. He began to talk to a mannequin's head. Snow began to be convinced that this head could tell him exactly what to do to make it. A myth was born, and Al Snow became a real star with the ECW. We must not forget that this organisation was the perfect stage for him, for he could leisurely use what made him very special, that is to say, his Hardcore style. He even seemed to be involved in a story of factionism. There seemed to be two groups, one of ECW athletes and the other made of WWF athletes who worked for the Philadelphia-based promotion. Al Snow seemed to frequently come out here to raise hell in this battle.

Anyway, later on, Snow returned to the WWF, where he bulldozed through the offices. He wanted to have a discussion with Vince McMahon, as he ultimately wanted to be reinstored in the WWF. But he was not allowed to meet Vince and it looked as if Vince did not want to meet him. On the other hand, he met with Jerry "The King" Lawler, who told him to go back to where he belonged, but Snow did not back down, and he regularly made appearances at ringside. He sat at ringside on numerous occasions, bringing head with him. He was even sent away by the security staff who did not want him in the arena. Nevertheless, Al kept on fighting and was given a chance to be reinstated. He was given a special shot. He had to take on both members of Two Much in a handicap match during a PPV of the WWF. Al did pretty well, but he finally lost in the hands of the two guys.

But, in the meantime, more and more mannequin heads were ornating the ringside area, and Al Snow was reinstored in the WWF Roster. Jerry Lawler fiercely opposed this return, and he and his son Brian Christopher faced Al for a while.

Then, Al formed a new group with other former members of the ECW, who had trouble to impose themselves in the WWF. Al Snow surrounded by the Blue Meanie, an expert in immitating the other athletes; Hardcore Holly, who had trouble to get to the top of the WWF, and Flash Funk, an excellent technician who changed his name and re-adopted his ECW name, namely, Scorpio.

These guys formed a coherent group for a rather short time, but finally this group disintegrated and its diverse members broke apart.

Then, Al Snow became an active member of the Hardcore Division, he got particularly popular thanks to the his confrontations with the Boss Man and Hardcore Holly, he even had a feud with the Hardcore Legend, Mick Foley. He also faced one of DX's Degenerates, Mr Ass (he was called "Badd Ass" at that time). At any rate, Snow made his mark in the WWF and captured the Hardcore Title on several occasions (three times exactly).

The last time he won this title, he had to face the Boss Man in a steel cage, surrounded by dogs. Both the dogs and the cage had been placed in the "Hell in a Cell". If these conditions had been applied to these two men, this was because the Boss Man had stolen Al Snow's dog Pepper. Pepper was used as a substitute for Head.

Otherwise, Al Snow lost the title later on, once again against the Boss Man.

Al Snow also discovered Mankind's book in the trash can and warned Mick. He also interfered at Raw to protect Mankind.

Mankind and Al Snow competed together for a while, until Mankind decided it was time for him to reconciliate with the Rock, so that they could revive the Rock'n Sock Connection. Mankind was still a good friend of Al's, but he prefered to team up with "The Rock". Finally, a showdown started between Al and the Rock. Al elevated himself as a top "heel" of the Federation with this feud with the Rock.

This rivalry lasted for a while. Then, Snow found a new partner with Steve Blackman and they teamed up. Al tried to impose a gimmick to his new ally who refused Al snow's ideas en masse. But sometimes he could actually push Blackman into doing foolish things, such as wearing a cheese-like hat or moonwalking in the ring. Besides that cost them a few matches and Steve was really upset about it.