This page is a Dedication to Al from this peers found in Atricles and on line chats

Introduction by Dangerous Danny Blackheart(aka J.T.Storm)

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Unfortunately I have never had the privilege to work with The Chief(Al), but have been on several shows that he has worked on ...

The only story i have of the Chief(Al) is that he is the most professional worker i know. he's straight to the point and honest. and of course, very polite.

again, thank you for adding me to the list. if you need anymore info, just e- mail me and let me know..

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Danny Blackheart 3/13/99

FR:  Al Snow.

SD:  Really, really under respected.  When I worked with him, he always impressed me with what his skills were.  He's a guy who's been around the business for a long enough time that he doesn't take the business too seriously and that's what makes him as good as he is.

Shane Douglas-ECWNews 6/2/99

1999 Scott D'Amore for Slame Wrestling:"If Doug trained me, Mickey broke me in, Al [Snow] taught me a lot of the wrestling that I know. I wrestled him a ton when I started, which was a great opportunity. Long before anyone knew who Al Snow was, he was one of the best out there ... He taught me when to do what. And how to listen to the crowd. How to get more out of less."

Question:  Vince, when are we going to see Dustin, Al Snow and Douglas actually WRESTLING!

VinceMcM:  These are three stellar new WWF superstars that can't get to the ring fast enough, as far as I am concerned. The answer is as quickly as possible.Vince AOL 8/28/95

Rob Adz: What is your opinion of Al Snow? How do you like working with him?

SABU LIVE: Sabu-he's a good wrestler.  he;s just another wrestler.Sabu AOL 10 of 1995

One of the most underrated wrestlers in the country today is Al Snow aka Leif Cassidy. He is as talented as anyone out there.

Dutch Mantel TWC Satnight Shockwave Edition#13 March 3,1997

Question: That reminds me, were you working it more than need be in your WrestlePalooza match w/ Al Snow?

Shane Douglas: I don't remember WrestlePalooza because of the fractured palate. The injury was the most serious of mycareer.

I could have caused serious damage by wrestling that night but chose to give the fans what they paid for.

Question: hate to sound like a mark, but Al Snow is reallynuts right?

Shane Douglas: Al Snow is a great talent and yes he is nuts.

Shane Douglas Wrestlepalooza chat May 20th 1999

1996 Roaddog AOL

Question: Are you looking forward to matches with Marc Mero and Leif Cassidy? I think they would be great workers for you to work with.

Jesse: Yes, I am looking forward to wrestling Marc Mero, especially if he has the IC title. As far as Leif goes, I was matched up with him in Smokey Mountain Wrestling and at this point in my career, I think I am a step above the likes of Leif Cassidy.

Nov 8 1995 AOL chat SKIP and SUNNY

Question:I heard online that you would be getting a new Body Donna to join your group if so who is it?

SUNNY:Take a good look at Al Snow.You have to be deaf,dumb and blind to think he could be a Body Donna,he looks more like Shamoo!

SKIP:Al is a fantastic wrestler.Just not in the shape that we are in.I'll let out a little secret.The new Body Donna is Ricky Morton

Ringside Insider

Question:Which Wrestler in the WWF,WCW,ECW has the brightest future ahead of them?

WILD SAMOAN AFA:There are so many good talented guys in all the federations.It is really not fair to only mention one or two.But for ECW ,Sabu and Taz,WCW future upcoming star,Billy Kidman,WWF well lets bring back the HEAD Shrinkers.The HEAD Shrinkers were always a great tag team in the WWF until they left.For the future,I'd have to say that Leif Cassidy looks like he could be a "BIG"name of the future.

March 1996 AOL chat Shawn Micheals

Question:How do you feel about the NEW ROCKERS?

SHAWN MICHAELS:I'm getting a kick out of them.I think that's something that both Marty and Al will do very well.

May 1996 AOL chat Sunny

Question:How do you feel about the ROCKERS?

SUNNY:They have no chance of beating us.But it will give me a good laugh when we beat them.They are two funny guys and they make me laugh!

Oct 1995 Prodigy chat Cactus Jack

Question:Did you see that Avatar gimmick that Al Snow has?What do you think of it?

CACTUS JACK:I've only seen it once.I'm sure Al will make it work.If anyone deserves to be successful,it's Al!

House of Hardcore Blue Meanie

Question:If you could Wrestle anyone in the Wrestling industry today,who would it be?

BLUE MEANIE:I would love to Wrestle Al Snow and Shane Douglas.their work speaks volumes and I have tons of respect for them.

From the Kilt Report Aug98 Jimi V

TKR:Who has been the biggest influence on your career?

Jimi:I would have to say that my trainer Al Snow has been the biggest influence thus far.He has given me a wrestling education like I believe nobody else can

DDT Digest: Who do you think is the most underrated wrestler out there today?

Dangerous Dallas Garvin: I'd have to say Al Snow (Leif Cassidy). This guy is an amazing athlete, by far one of the best workers in the World Wrestling Federation, and though I'm sure he's paid well, I believe his signing with the WWF may have been a mistake. The thing with Jannetty, it just didn't fly, and it has severely dented his reputation.

Slam Sports 1998

Q:Tiger is a very funny guy, with all these little skits that he has, to see how far people will go for money. I was wondering when he will be considered for any title opportunites? The European belt would be a good start. And please start wrestling, and leave your Babu out of the wrestling ring. G Savic, Edmonton

A: [Laughs] He's my man-servant, so I can do whatever I want to do. If I feel like wrestling, that's what I'll do. If I don't feel like wrestling, you know, that's when I throw in my servant.

When you have guys like a deviant peasant like Goldust and you have this other schizophrenic peasant like Al Snow, I don't think that you'd want to get in the ring either to mix it up with these kind of barbaric animals.

As far as it goes for a title shot, time will tell. Once again I have full confidence in the World Wrestling Federation. If I didn't, I would not be here.

Tiger Ali Singh

Powerbomb Feb 1999

M. Folsom: Who besides you is your favorite wrestler?

Super Nova: Meanie and Al Snow