PWL Annual Edition 1999

Says something about a man when he is an honored teacher of the Sweet Science, yet himself takes advice from a dismembered mannequin head.Wrestled his greatest ECW match against heavyweight champ Shane Douglas at Wrestlepalooza

Well, that depends on how you look at it.It was an exciting contest But couldn't Snow find a way to beat a guy with a bum elbow and a cracked palate? Would you like for us to run over Douglas with a Mack truck next time?

Maybe that would help swing the odds in Snow's favor. Al's "Snowplow," a variation of the "Michinoku driver," is particularly devasting We're sure he'll end up using it on his numbnut of a partner, Mankind.The Head and Mr. Socko are engaged in a heated rivalry. Last time we checked, Snow had tied Mr. Socko around Head's noble brow. Everytime these guys team together, the match degenerates into a childish push-and-pull over a mannequin head and a sock puppet

Book that "Semame Streetfight" for Wrestlemania XV,Oscar the Grouch can be Mankind's corner man handing off a trash can lid when necessary ,Elmo can run interference for Snow

Jerry Lawler brought Al Snow to the WWF this spring. Although we never suspected it was him under that blue blanket,Lawler promised to get Snow a meeting with federation "head" Mr. McMahon,The "Lyin' King" was full of empty promises.

Defeated Commissioner Slaughter in a boot camp match for the right to compete in the WWF,Still vying for a conference with McMahon.Couldn't get a meeting with Vince through Mankind even though Vince considered Mankind a "son",Oh, we forgot.Mankind has enough trouble with his shoe strings

Snow reformed The Job Squad in the WWF,No, he didn't introduce former members The Blue Meanie and Super Nova, This time, Bob Holly and Scorpio have joined him. If these guys can actually start working together, they might finally get the "job" done.

- Pro Wrestling Illustrated Annual 1999 Edition