ex-ECW Stars

Al Snow is probably best known for his days in the WWF as Lief Cassidy. This is where he got his beginings as a part of the New Rockers along with Marty Janetty. This angle proved a giant mistake, and Marty Janetty was not resigned or was released in early 1997. The Leif Cassidy angle continued in a singles role where he was primarily a jobber. It is noteworthy that near the end of his first WWF tenure, the Cassidy character would lose to even the other jobbers he would face and he began to act crazy. This crazyness lead to the creation of the Al Snow and Head angle.

Al Snow was loaned to ECW by Vince McMahon, along with Aldo Montoya, in an attempt to give his career a boost. He originally stayed with the Lief Cassidy gimmic for a time but then he introduced the Head.

Snow proceeded to win the ECW TV title(ed;?) and contended for the Heavyweight title near the end of his ECW exclusive days.

Now with a lot of fan support, the WWF has brought him back to their production. Many ECW fans think that Al Snow "sold out" much like they felt Raven did, but unfortunately they do not realize that Snow never had a ECW contract and was being paid by the WWF while he was there.

Now Al has a disgrunteled employee angle in the WWF and I personally hope that he does well with it. Though I must say, the WWF is over-killing that angle with DX, Undertaker, Austin and others doing a similar thing.

RJ Smith