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Rulers of the Ring

by Robert Picarello

"Who knows what's in this guy's head? Al Snow is one hell of a grappler, but he's one crazy guy - he takes advice on his career from a mannequin head (simply known as "Head") that he carries around. The crazy wrestler claims that the federation brass scarred him earlier in his career when they made him enter the ring under monikers of Avatar and Leif Cassidy, and as a result, he went off the deep end. Well, whatever end he's in these days, he should stay there, as he's been having tremendous success ever since he won the hardcore strap two more times in 1999 (August 22 and September 7) and he would also win the tag title with Mankind on November 2 in Philadelphia Pennsylvania.

The Lima, Ohio, native has had memorable battles with Hardcore Holly and the Road Dogg and is currently aligned with "The Lethal Weapon" Steve Blackman. How far this talented nutcase goes is totally up to him...well, not totally...but as long as he's thinking with the righ head, he'll be fine!"

Heels and Heros

In Al Snow, The World Wrestling Federation literally created a 'monster'.What else do you call a wrestler who takes advice from a mannequin head and used to walk around with 'help me' written backward in ink across his forehead? When asked what brought this truly gifted athlete to this terrible mental state, Snow says that he became so distressed with the treatment he was receiving from the Federation in regard to his in-ring persona and scheduled matches that he looked for someone who understood him.

The two would find each other (well, actually, AL found his better half one night amongst the trash in an undisclosed location while working for the ECW on loan from the WWF to the organization) and almost immediately, other wrestling stars' heads began to roll. Snow claimed that the head, which he simply called, 'HEAD', was the only one who appreciated his art, and that she was the inspiration for his success. And who was going to argue with a 6-foot, 234-pound professional wrestler who took instructions from a plastic head? Not Vince McMahon.

Not any of the WWF superstars. Not the fans. Snow has not only piled up victories in the ring, he has also won some gold along the way. He has three Hardcore Belts to his name and one tag championship title with Mankind from November of 1999. The Hardcore straps kind of tell the story as to what type of wrestler this Lima, Ohio native is.

He is a ruthless and destructive force between the ropes, as Snow will do and use whatever it takes to get the win. He doesn't care if it's a chair, a trash can cover, the steel entrance ring steps--hell--he's even been known to give some good 'HEAD' on occasion.But no matter where the scouting tips are coming from, Snow has taken full advantage of his opportunities to become one of the most respected grapplers in the biz. Besides, just like the saying goes, 'two heads are better than one,' which is so very true in Snow's 'mental' case!

by Robert Picarello