Wrestler review:Al Snow

ECW started a fairly colorful and creative gimmick.  Al Snow was a misused potential star in the WWF with several failed gimmicks and a losing streak. In ECW, he continued to lose until he snapped thinking a manaquin head was his new manager and claiming the only way to get on top in wrestling is to give a "little head".

 The gimmick worked and Al soared to the top of ECW.  Seeing this as an opportunity, he was brought back to the WWF.

 It started out well enough.  Week after week, Al tried to sneak into Raw to talk to Vince.  However, once he finally got in the WWF, it all went downhill.

Al Snow has in his own way gone through as many gimmicks as Ray Trailor since his return to the WWF.

  We've had:

Al Snow and Head - The ECW gimmick.  Unfortunately, WWF didn't realize that the gimmick needed to be explained to the new WWF fans.  Al got little mic time and had a less than steller push.

Al Snow:  Job Squad Leader - Another ECW gimmick that just didn't work in the WWF.

Al Snow and Shaved Head - Remember when Al went nuts after a bloodbath and shaved head?  Probably not.The gimmick never went anywhere.

Al Snow and Pierre the Deer Head - Al had some funny moments here but also embarrassed himself by having unrealistic matches with Pierre.  Far too over the top.

Al Snow and Pepper - Yet another attempt of the WWF to create a better version of head.  A terrified dog accompanied Al to the ring while the WWF recycled some of its 80's angles such as Matilda's kidnapping and Damian's Death.

And now...Al Snow:  Avatar - This jokes been done before, when Al first arrived.  Avatar was one of his disguises.  The new Avatar is a blatant ripoff of the Blue Blazer angle that was cut short by Owen Hart's death.

As you can see, the WWF has no clue what to do with Snow.IMO a lot of it has to do with the WWF's continued refusal to push gimmicks that they did not create (see Jack, Cactus and Scorpio, 2 Cold).  The WWF needs to learn that you don't mess with success.

My suggestion: Let Al do his Leif Cassidy character for a few weeks.  The 80's reject was a great gimmick that we didn't see enough of.  Maybe let him do Shinobi for a night or two, and then bring back head and let Al be crazier than ever.

credit:9/7/99 Rudy Poo/Deja.com