Scouting Report-Al Snow

Scouting Report: Al Snow /Wrestling Yearbook

CAREER OVERVIEW--The 6'1", 232-pound native of Lima, Ohio, made his pro debut in 1982 at age 19. Although he has become a mid-level star in the WWF, Snow has never struck it big. Has wrestled in ECW and in most of the major independents, including Smoky Mountain.

Has had previous incarnations in the WWF as Avatar and Leif Cassidy, but never made an impact with either name. Returned to WWF last year, saying he had been psychologically traumatized as the result of his former personnae.

Now takes his orders from Head, a disembodied mannequin head that never leaves his side. A basic brawler with underrated mat and aerial skills. Snow won the WWF Hardcore title on April 25 by defeating Bob Holly. Has defended the belt numerous times against Holly, Droz, and in three-way matches against Holly and Steve Blackman.

STRONGEST PART OF HIS MATCHES--Four to seven minutes. Snow isn't strong enough to overpower his opponents in the early minutes, but after five or six minutes, his tactics tend to exact their toll.

WEAKEST PART OF HIS MATCHES--Seven to ten minutes. At Wrestlemania XV, Holly pinned Snow at the 7:17 mark during their hardcore triple threat match (Billy Gunn was the third competitor). He has decent stamina, but because he goes all-out so early, he runs out of gas fairly quickly.

WHO HE WANTS TO FACE--Bob Holly. Holly's hardcore style makes him the perfect foe for Snow. Although Snow is unpredictable, he doesn't like wrestling against unpredictable opponents. Snow reads Holly so easily, you'd think he was a picture book.

WHO HE DOESN'T WANT TO FACE--D-Lo Brown. Brown's combination of size, speed, skill, and power are too much for Snow to handle. He suffered numerous losses to Brown early in 1999.

MOVE HE'S MOST VULNERABLE TO--Anything aerial. All aerial moves throw Snow off-balance because he doesn't expect to see them in the hardcore ranks. D-Lo was able to stun him with well-placed dropkicks.

IF THIS WAS ADDED TO HIS REPERTOIRE, IT WOULD BE A HUGE PLUS--The ability to pace his matches a little better. Going all-out from the opening bell might work for some wrestlers, and it has gained Snow the hardcore title, but going further in the federation will require Snow to think a little more about what he's doing in the ring.

WATCH OUT FOR THAT---Snow Plow. Also called the Northern Lights Suplex. Snow weakens his opponents for the first five or six minutes of his matches, then tries to hit them with his finishing blow.

WHAT THEY'RE SAYING--BOB HOLLY--'How am I supposed to take seriously a man who walks around with a mannequin head? It's distracting, and I think the WWF should ban it from ringside. Besides, is that mannequin head an officially licensed manager?'

MANAGING EDITOR BRANDI MANKIEWICZ--'Snow has obviously gone way off the deep end, but he has managed to do it while winning a WWF title. Of course, it's a title that didn't even exist a year ago, but it's still a title that means a lot.

'D'LO BROWN---'I can't believe that maniac is the WWF hardcore champion. I beat him already. If he wants to fight me again, he better be prepared to put that hardcore title on the line.'