Al goes to the Slammys

Al goes to the Slammys 1996

SNAP SHOT 1 From 1996

SNAP SHOT 2 From 1996

SNAP SHOT 3 From 1996

SNAP SHOT 4 From 1996

SNAP SHOT 5 From 1996

SNAP SHOT 6 From 1996

1996 Slammy's (ABOVE) At this point, the camera just flashed on Al and Marty.  They didn't mention them or anything,Notice Glenn behind them,He was sitting at the table with them.

Jerry Lawler wins an award for "Most Embarrasing Moment" (for kissing his own foot during the Kiss My Foot match with Bret Hart.   Al and Marty were "worshipping" Jerry as he passed by.

SNAP SHOT 1 From 1997


SNAP SHOT 3 From 1997

 1997 Slammy's (ABOVE) It was very difficult to spot Al at this show.Mick won an award for "A Screw Loose" and when he got up, Al and the Headbangers jumped up to hug him, and they all went crashing down to the ground.

I wasn't even sure if it was Al until Mick came back with the award.  After he came off the podium, Mick tosses the Slammy over a table full of people to Al who was standing on chairs with the Headbangers, then Mick came over and they were all yelling.