Small Hours

Another WWF controversy is the Al Snow and "Head" vs. the Wal Mart powers-that-be. Personally I think this can only be great for WWF and Al Snow, like I said before negative publicity is the best publicity. I also think it is a little stupid that this incident even took place. One woman threw a fit over a TOY because a mannequin head supposedly influences little boys to be abusive to women?

Now I don't endorse abusing women but c'mon now - toys? While we are add it let's pull ever single toy off the shelf that has a gun or a knife or anything that even remotely resembles or glorifies violence. Why don't Wal-Mart also stop selling any movies or music that glorifies or even hints toward abusive behavior in any way. Why don't they?

Because it is ignorant, that's why. I have seen a lot of things in my life that incline towards abuse of women but it never influenced me to go out and do it. I am pretty sure that no child is gonna buy the Al Snow doll, play with it, and while playing with it get the idea in his head that he needs to go beat up a woman.

To even make the situation more ignorant is that the writer for the Atlanta's Constitution was laughing at the silliness of the matter.

Apparently the people behind this nonsense think the "Head" is an actual female head instead of a mannequin - now would anybody be stupid enough to do that? So to the women who started this mess - you need to focus more on women who have actually been abused then on a toy - this ignorance only shows your priorities are not in order and your lack of research into the matter shows you are too impulsive to make an informed decision. I would be willing to bet that these women also tell their children wrestling is "fake" and in doing so turn their anti-Al Snow crusade into complete hypocrisy.

The result of this matter? Al Snow and "Head" is now an official collectors items and numerous stores nation-wide have reported to have sold out.