By Lucas for WWF Raw magazine

Everyone has a story from their childhood about a special toy that seemed to come to life when all the doors were closed and the lights went out. At the store, church, grandma's house or anywhere in between, the toy was right there at our side. At night we slept, arms tightly wrapped around it so that nothing could come between us. And when Mom and Dad tried to persuade us to leave it home, we screamed abd cried until there were no more tears. To everybody else it was just a stuffed rabbit or a torn blanket, but to us it was much more than that. It was a best friend and it was alive. But at only three years of age we didn't know any better. By the age of six, we couldn't even remember what the toy looked like anymore.

Al Snow and Mankind have taken this childhood memory and refuse to let it go. Althought it may seem very silly to the rest of the world, the thought of fighting over the supremacy of their inaimate sidekicks is nothing out of the ordinary for these two unstable superstars. Most fans find "Head" quite amusing, but in reality the detached mannequin head offers a revealing look inside the human psyche Snow talks to Head, claiming it is the tangible culmination of all the voices in his own head that are constantly telling him what to do. While Snow may actually believe that Head controls his every move, the rest of the world sees nothing more that a crazy guy yelling at-and blameing all his mistakes on-a plastic head.

While joining Snow for a team action, mankind lets his contemporany know that talking to a severed plastic head is the stupidest thing he has ever seen-and Al Snow doesn't appreciate the remark.

Althought no one else can understand the relationship between Head and Snow, he views it as an extension of himself and takes it very personally when someone speaks out agaisnt Head. Besides, what right does Mankind have to be calling anyone else stupid? At first Mr, Socko seemed that Mick Fooley drew a face on with black marker. Mick provides the squeaky, child-like voice of Mr. Socko and always gets a reaction from the Federation fans when he pulls it out. Even though there is perhaps no more bengn a comic prop then a sock puppet, there is also something very amusing about it. It's easy to see why fans love Mr. Socko, but Mick has taken his relationship with a sock too far.

Weeks after debuting his cotton buddy, Mankind proved that he did not look at Mr. Socko as just a sock puppet originally created to entertain Mr. McMahon. One night when Foley reached into his trunks to get his sweat-stained pal, he made a grim discovery-Mr. Socko was missing! Immedistely, Foley flew into a rage as he frantically looked for Mr. socko backstage. The fightening scene resembled a mother's seach for her child at a crowed amusement park. Soon after that horrifying night, Head began appearing in public with a dirty white headband that looked very much like Mr. Socko.

Al Snow claimed he had no idea where Head got it, but Mankind may not care to hear it When the Deranged One realized where Mr. Socko has landed he is to get it back-and for that he'll look to the "arms and legs" of the rival tandem. There isn't going to be anything playful about a clash between Snow and Mankind over the dominace of their respective sidekicks, and it may be all our fault. As fans, we encouraged both these superstars to continue their childish antics by laughing along with them.

The whole situation was vey funny when Al was just yelling at a plastic head and Mick was a guy with a sock puppet, but it's gotten totally out of hand. These two deranged individuals are ready to destory each other over two objects that have never, and will never be alive.