Body-Slamming,Eye-Gouging good time

Part of a Article from the Tallahassee Democrat May 12th 1999

Body Slamming,Eye-Gouging good time

Writen by Francie Krantz and Bill Cotterell

Take, for instance, Hardcore Holly from Mobile, Ala., who failed to dethrone champion Al Snow of Lima, Ohio, in an early "hardcore" match. Hardcore is a type of wrestling in which the rules are that there aren't any rules.

Snow entered the ring with a mannequin's head, which the crowd instantly recognized. It's sort of a trademark, explained Anthony Atkins of Crawfordville, a barber who works in Tallahassee. "Everybody loves that thing," Atkins said as the crowd began chanting "We want head."

From under the ring, Snow produced an aluminum sheet-cake pan, which made nice head-shaped dents when he swung it at Holly. While the challenger lay dazed in the corner, Snow went back under the curtained ringside -- which must be sort of the WWF's supply closet -- and produced a broom, the better to whack the patiently somnolent Holly.

Snow then rode the broom around the ring, hobby-horse style, while Holly struggled out of his funk.

The bad guy fetched a fire extinguisher, which misfired repeatedly until Holly wrested it away from Snow, only to squirt himself in the eyes while looking into the nozzle to see why it wasn't working.