Head's Heaven

AHHH!!Almost 16 years in the professional wrestling business have gotten to AL SNOW. Snow who is quite possibly the greatest _PURE_ wrestler in the world, just couldn't catch a break, or get over enough with the fans. Snow patiently waited for that break..and he thought he had recieved it a few years back, when VINCE MCMAHON of the World Wrestling Federation called him.

Vince made it clear he wanted to give AL SNOW a push, to stardom and beyond in the WWF. Snow entered the WWF as Shinobi, under a mask.. then as Avatar, also a under a mask. He then was forced to team with Marty Jannety and form the New Rockers.

Al did nothing but JOB in the WWF. Then, a strange thing began to happen...AL SNOW BEGAN TO HEAR VOICES. Snow made his return to ECW in August of 1997, at ECW's Born To Be Wired against The Human Suplex Machine, TAZ.Snow made it clear he wasnt the "dorky" teen idol LEIF CASSIDY that he portrayed in the WWF, he was AL SNOW and he meant business.

He had been in ECW before his WWF stint, but this time around..SNOW seemed out of it...he was acting different. Then, in the fall of 97, we all saw THE HEAD! Snow carried around a manniquin head. The voices in SNOW's head, came from this manniquin head. As strange as it seems, Snow has been way more focused as of late.

Snow was one of the most popular wrestlers in ECW, and the fans seemed to love this SNOW. Which takes us to March 1rst. March 1rst, Living Dangerously...SNOW runs in as the mystery partner of Lance Storm, he cleans house..SNOWPLOWS (Version of the Northern Lights Bomb) The ECW Champ SHANE DOUGLAS and pins him 1-2-3!

Which brings us to May 3rd..WRESTLEPALOOZA 98!! The main event would be Shane Douglas with the HEAD Cheerleader Francine..to take on AL Snow with THE HEAD. Snow had the advantage.. and ALMOST beat Shane..but in the end, Shane sat down on an attempted sunset flip by Snow and covered Snow 1-2-3. It seemed like a set-back for AL..but it wasnt. May 11, WWF RAW IS WAR...AL SNOW shows up on RAW with the HEAD..and makes it clear he wants to talk to Vince about screwing him over a few years back when he was "Leif Cassidy".

AL SNOW and The HEAD are about to turn the world of the WWF, upside down!